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Monday, January 27, 2020

Monroe County Board of County Commissioners met May 20

By South West Illinois News Reports | Jul 8, 2019

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Monroe County Board of County Commissioners met May 20.

Here is the minutes provided by the board:

The meeting of the Board of County Commissioners of Monroe County, Illinois was called to order at 8:15 a.m. Chairman Robert Elmore, Commissioner Vicki Koerber and Commissioner Ron Schultheis were present.

Others present included County Clerk Jonathan McLean, Sheila Wetzler, along with Press Corps representatives Alan Dooley of the Waterloo Republic Times and Joe Leicht of the Monroe County Independent. Also, present were Pat Kelly and Jim Crowe.

The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll call was taken by County Clerk Jonathan McLean. There being a quorum present, the meeting was called to order by Chairman Elmore.

Chairman Elmore asked for public comment. There was no public comment.

Pam Jacobs came before the Board to finalize the real estate lease between Monroe County and the U of I Extension office. The lease agreement increased rent to $35,000 from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020 and July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. All other terms of the lease remained the same.

The Board was presented with a list of Accounts Payable for approval. There was discussion about invoices for Barracuda, Platinum elections, and a phone bill for the Coroner’s office. There was also discussion about a legal bill from our attorney for negotiations being paid out of the general county budget. Commissioner Koerber asked if the costs for contract negotiations should be budgeted by each department.

The following Accounts Payable having been approved for payment, Commissioner Schultheis moved that the same be allowed and that vouchers be issued against their respective funds of the County Treasurer for payment. Second by Commissioner Koerber. All voting Aye. None Nay. None Absent. Motion carried.




ADP, LLC 1,418.00

ADR Inc 65.00

Ally Rippelmeyer 35.96

Americom 7,432.10

Axis Forensic Toxicology, Inc 320.00

Bob Barker Company Inc 765.08

Coast to Coast Eq & Supplies, Inc 96.00

Columbia Quarry Company 502.39

Conrad Press 397.00

Cory Comte 250.00

Culligan-Schaefer Water Centers 60.95

DE Signs 315.48

Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers 297.83

Gateway FS 283.11

Gilbert, Huffman, Prosser, Hewson & Barke, Ltd 7,384.61

Gillan Graphics 98.66

Harrisonville Telephone Company 467.81

John Deere Financial 91.98

Judy L. Tiemann 6.00

Justin Mendenhall 100.00

Kamal Sabharwal Inc 1,750.00

Karz Recycling 125.00

Kone Inc 694.04

Leon Uniform Company Inc 1,127.75

Logos ‘N Stitches, Inc 100.00

Melissa Hunter 67.22

Mike’s Convenience 163.16

Mississippi Lime Company 296.01

MK Trucking Service Inc 468.00

Monroe County Electric Co-Operative, Inc 437.50

Monroe County Highway Department 210.57

Motorola Solutions, Inc 1,437.00

Oak Hill 12,872.00

Office Depot 123.79

O’Reilly Auto Parts 39.93

Petri Insurance Agency, Inc 125.00

Platinum Technology Resource, LLC 18,937.55

Prairie Farms Dairy, Inc 300.00

PTS of America LLC 1,955.00

Quality Collision Inc 993.19

Randy Rudloff 428.02

Ray O’Herron Co Inc 127.27

Regional Office of Education #45 24,861.50

Reliable Sanitation Service Inc 2,635.37

Republic-Times LLC 99.00

Secretary of State 30.00

Sherwin Williams 334.80

Springfield Police Department 300.00

Stanley Convergent Security Solutions 586.00

Supplyworks 198.77

Thomson Reuters-West Publishing Corp 955.71

Toshiba Financial Services 125.44

Toshiba Financial Services 289.00

TransUnion Risk and Alternative Data Solutions, Inc 135.00

Traughber & Morris Ltd 833.33

Watson’s Office City 315.78

Wex 6,659.26

Wm Nobbe & Co 469.77

WSI Incorporated Environmental Services 6,985.00


Aaron Metzger 266.56

Ameren Illinois 41.25

Aramark Uniform Services 1,207.77

ATSSA 155.00

Bobcat of St. Louis 765.00

City of Waterloo 558.24

Columbia Quarry Company 398.65

Datatronics Inc 188.00

DE Signs 200.00

Dean Doerr 60.00

DLT Solutions, LLC 735.00

Gateway FS 252.00

Hartmann Turf & Tractor 481.33

Martin Doerr 86.50

Monroe County Electric Co-Operative, Inc 739.34

Nabers Shop 89.93

Nu-Deal Oil Company 115.50

Quill Corporation 57.87

R.M. Wester & Associates Inc 45.00

Reliable Sanitation Service Inc 52.10

Republic-Times LLC 41.26

Ryan Unterseh 37.59

Shane Stechmesser 61.41

The Home City Ice Company 218.10

Wedge Tire Inc 1,419.98


Thouvenot, Wade & Moerchen Inc 2,746.50


Road District 7 2,620.20


Monroe County Highway Fund 46,149.01


Columbia Quarry Company 8,176.23

E J Dougherty Oil & Stone Supply 14,035.16


Coast to Coast Eq & Supplies, Inc 163.98

Fidlar Technologies Inc 1,453.66


IL Dept of Employment Security 1,413.00


Airgas USA, LLC 404.15

Americom 395.00

Andres Medical Billing, Ltd 4,350.78

Bound Tree Medical LLC 57.88

Gateway Occupational Health 89.10

Hanft Windshield Repair 275.00

Illinois Dept of Public Health 100.00

Leon Uniform Company 200.00

Mertz Motor Co, Inc 416.73

Motorola Solutions, Inc 396.00

Zoll Medical Corporation 271.30


A&H Mechanical Contracting, Inc 4,960.00

Coast to Coast Eq & Supplies, Inc 1,286.17

Culligan-Schaefer Water Centers 45.00

Harrisonville Telephone Company 95.36

K&D Printing 781.00

Michelle Wottowa 337.50

Reliable Sanitations Service Inc 361.35

Ryan Castello 375.00

Stericycle Inc 362.65

Minutes from the closed meetings held on March 18, 2019 and March 25, 2019 were presented for approval. Motion made by Commissioner Schultheis to approve the closed meeting minutes. Second by Commissioner Koerber. All voting Aye. None Nay. None Absent. Motion carried.

Minutes from the meeting held on May 6, 2019 were presented for approval. Motion made by Commissioner Koerber to approve the minutes. Second by Commissioner Schultheis. All voting Aye. None Nay. None Absent. Motion carried.

Aaron Metzger came before the Board at 8:39 a.m. A bid letting for work on Levee Road over Carr Creek was closed on May 3, 2019. There are plans to extend one span to the south. Money is coming from the State Township Bridge Fund and will be an 80/20 split between the County. Lake Contracting was the lowest bidder at $166,286.00. The State Township Bridge Fund will pay $129,441.20, County Bridge Funds will pay $35,000 and the cost of engineering, budgeted at $25,000, will be paid out of the County Bridge Funds. Commissioner Koerber made a motion to approve. Second by Commissioner Schultheis. All voting Aye. None Nay. None Absent. Motion carried. Resolution was recorded as #19-64.

Mr. Metzger advised the Country Club Lane sidewalk project will begin soon.

Chairman Elmore asked about Bluff Road. Mr. Metzger advised the road is back open and there was no damage. Chairman Elmore asked Mr. Metzger about getting an EMA grant to raise the road. Commissioner Koerber said she wants to see the County apply for a grant too.

Kim Keckritz and Rachel Giffhorn came before the Board. Mrs. Keckritz presented the list of bills for the nursing home to be approved. Commissioner Koerber had a question about a bill for the Training Room and legal fees and Mrs. Keckritz answered those questions. Commissioner Koerber made a motion to approve the accounts payable. Second by Commissioner Schultheis. All voting Aye. None Nay. None Absent. Motion carried.

Mrs. Keckritz went over the May 2019 Board Meeting Update Report with the Commissioners. Rachel Giffhorn reviewed the compliance report with the Commissioners.

Commissioner Koerber asked Mrs. Keckritz if the nursing home has calculated the cost of the minimum wage increase on the nursing home. Mrs. Keckritz said they are working on it and will have it at the next Board meeting.

Sheriff Rohlfing came before the Board at 9:07 a.m. The Sheriff discussed the formation of an auto theft task force. The Sheriff discussed a Sheriff sale for July 18, 2019 at 5:30 p.m. The Sheriff said that the federal inmate program generated $405,034.94 in 2016 and has been very successful. He also pointed to other successful programs he has supported despite the opposition from some local citizens. The Sheriff said that the jail can no longer support the increased population of female inmates. Sheriff Dan Kelley proposed an addition to the jail many years ago and Sheriff Rohlfing would like to revisit those plans in the near future. He also explained that there may be federal money to cover the cost of building the addition on to the jail.

Arthur Rose, with Advanced Medical, came before the Board to discuss providing medical services to inmates the County Jail. Sheriff Rohlfing said that the county currently uses Red Bud Hospital and they are not equipped to handle providing medical services to inmates. Sheriff Rohlfing explained that Advanced Medical serves many counties throughout Illinois and has the experience treating prisoners. Mr. Rose went over all of the services the company provides and explained that they are focused on reducing liability for the county. Chairman Elmore said that the Board would take the contract under consideration and revisit the contract in June.

Chairman Elmore proclaimed the week of May 20 through May 26, 2019 as Emergency Medical Services Week. Chairman Elmore read the proclamation into the record and Carla Heise came before the Board to receive the proclamation.

Lisa Fallon came before the Board at 9:52 a.m. with Ryan Welsh of CTS. Mr. Welsh discussed the IT services his company performs. Chairman Elmore told Mr. Welsh that the County is looking in to hiring a full time IT person and have an IT company as backup to that person. Mr. Welsh agreed that would be a good idea. Chairman Elmore asked about hardware sales and Mr. Welsh advised that the County can buy computers and hardware cheaper on their own than going through an IT company. Mr. Welsh said that his company would be happy to do a free assessment of the courthouse computers and offer a quote for services. There is no cost and no obligation to contract with his company. If the County wants a copy of the report, they will charge $1,500. Commissioner Koerber made a motion to approve to allow CTS to perform an assessment. Second by Commissioner Schultheis. All voting Aye. None Nay. None Absent. Motion carried.

Chairman Elmore recognized County Clerk Jonathan McLean to discuss group benefits. Mr. McLean advised that the Board should table an item for post-maternity paid time off because he needs more time to get opinions from the labor attorney. The item was tabled.

Commissioner Koerber said that she is no longer in agreement with having an insurance committee. The insurance committee was intended to be a group of six or seven people and now it is growing much larger due to employment contract requirements and other departments wanting representatives on the committee. Commissioner Koerber said she spoke with the previous health insurance agent and he will be happy to recommend a broker or consultant who can be charged with negotiating insurance terms for the County. A motion to rescind the insurance committee was made by Commissioner Koerber. Second by Commissioner Schultheis. All voting Aye. None Nay. None Absent. Motion carried.

County Clerk Jonathan McLean asked the Board to consider adopting a new policy that health insurance begins on the first day of the month following the date of hire. There was discussion as to if the Board can change the policy without providing notice to the unions. It was decided to leave the current policy of the first day of the month after the employee has completed at least 30 days of employment.

Commissioner Schultheis gave a brief update on the Western Egyptian meeting.

Missy Whittington came before the Board to follow up on the health insurance conversation. She explained issues she was having with some of the enrollment software. There was discussion about whether the waiting period for health insurance was 30 days after hire or two months after hire.

Chairman Elmore asked Commissioner Schultheis about a walk-through at the Annex building. Commissioner Schultheis advised that everyone’s schedules did not work and they were not able to do a walk-through yet. Chairman Elmore emphasized heavily that he wants the Annex details worked out very soon.

Chairman Elmore advised the Board that they are still looking for two people to serve on the Workforce Development Board.

Chairman Elmore said that the vending machine has been taken out of the courthouse. Commissioner Koerber said she will work with Mrs. Whittington on a plan to stock a new vending machine.

County Clerk Jonathan McLean asked the Board for their opinion on an ATM machine in the courthouse. Mr. McLean said that State Bank was the first to offer a machine back in December. First National Bank has also expressed an interest. All the Commissioners said that we should allow for both banks to have an ATM in the courthouse, if they so wish. Chairman Elmore instructed the County Clerk to contact both banks and work out plans for them to have an ATM machine in the building.

There being no further business to come before the Board, motion to adjourn was made by Commissioner Schultheis. Second by Commissioner Koerber. All voting Aye. None Nay. None Absent. Motion carried.

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