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Monday, February 24, 2020

State Officers Electoral Board met December 17

By South West Illinois News Reports | Feb 14, 2020

Meeting 01

State Officers Electoral Board met Dec. 17.

Here is the minutes provided by the board:

PRESENT: Charles W. Scholz, Chair

Ian K. Linnabary, Vice Chair

William J. Cadigan, Member

Laura K. Donahue, Member

William R. Haine, Member

William M. McGuffage, Member

Katherine S. O’Brien, Member

Casandra B. Watson, Member

ALSO PRESENT: Steven S. Sandvoss, Executive Director

Bernadette Matthews, Asst. Exec. Director

Jordan Homer, Legal Counsel II

Amy L. Calvin, Administrative Assistant III

The meeting convened at 10:55 a.m. via videoconference with all members present in Chicago.

Chair Scholz directed that the cases be called and accepted appearances for the following objections to established party candidate nominating petitions for the March 17, 2020 General Primary Election:

a) Wallace v. Cockrum, 19SOEBGP100;

b) Austin v. Wallace, 19SOEBGP101;

c) Fisher-Dann v. Baer, 19SOEBGP102;

d) Meyer v. Stephens, 19SOEBGP103;

e) Farrell v. King, 19SOEBGP104;

f) Spencer & Halbrook v. Wade, 19SOEBGP105;

g) Halbrook & Spencer v. Gray, 19SOEBGP106;

h) Gad v. Matthews, 19SOEBGP107;

i) Gad v. Rush, 19SOEBGP108;

j) Unknown v. Fawell, 19SOEBGP109;

k) Burgland v. Sutton, 19SOEBGP500;

l) Galyean & Veatch v. Campbell, 19SOEBGP501;

m) Zemke & Tomek v. Warlick, 19SOEBGP502;

n) Galyean & Veatch v. Goddard, 19SOEBGP503;

o) Weber v. Ostling, 19SOEBGP504;

p) Burge v. Durden, 19SOEBGP505;

q) Adams v. Tillman, II, 19SOEBGP506;

r) Adams v. Franco, 19SOEBGP507;

s) Adams v. Wassenaar, 19SOEBGP508;

t) Runion v. Hussain, 19SOEBGP509;

u) Lockrey v. Kelly, 19SOEBGP510;

v) Rose v. Edwards, 19SOEBGP511;

w) Moyzis v. Hughes, 19SOEBGP512;

x) Stinnette v. Lund, 19SOEBGP513;

y) Stinnette v. Burdette, 19SOEBGP514;

z) Slaughter v. Durden, 19SOEBGP515;

aa) Slaughter v. Tillman, 19SOEBGP516;

bb) Nichols & Nudo v. Lauf, 19SOEBGP517;

cc) Ahmed v. Faheem, 19SOEBGP518;

dd) Hanson v. Yawer, 19SOEBGP519;

ee) Frankel & Ciucci v. Faheem, 19SOEBGP520;

ff) Taylor v. Perales, 19SOEBGP521;

gg) Taylor v. Morgan, 19SOEBGP522;

hh) Rosner v. Broad, 19SOEBGP523;

ii) Riggins & Iverson v. Gordon, 19SOEBGP524;

jj) Riggins & Iverson v. Perales, 19SOEBGP525;

kk) Riggins & Iverson v. Wallace, 19SOEBGP526;

ll) Chavez & Bryant v. Hughes, 19SOEBGP527;

mm) Riggins & Iverson v. Morgan, 19SOEBGP528;

nn) Wiggins, Jr. v. Wilcox, 19SOEBGP529;

oo) Morris, Jr. v. Morgan, 19SOEBGP530;

pp) Morris, Jr. v. Morgan, 19SOEBGP531;

qq) Speed v. Deuser, 19SOEBGP532;

rr) Yawer v. Castro, 19SOEBGP533;

ss) Lewis v. Morrow, 19SOEBGP534;

tt) Lewis v. Kelly, 19SOEBGP535.

Member Cadigan moved to adopt the Rules of Procedure for the State Officers Electoral Board as presented. Vice Chair Linnabary seconded the motion, which passed by roll call vote of 8-0.

Bernadette Matthews, Assistant Executive Director and Interim General Counsel, indicated that there was a change to one of the original hearing officer appointments and noted that her memo dated December 16, 2019 was the correct version for the assignment of objection cases to the hearing officers. Member Cadigan moved to approved the appointment of hearing officers outlined in Ms. Matthew’s memo dated December 16, 2019. Member Watson seconded the motion, which passed by roll call vote of 8-0.

Ms. Matthews presented Unknown v. Fawell, 19SOEBGP109 and recommended to dismiss objector’s petition for failure to conform to requirements of Section 10-8 of the Election Code.

Member Haine moved to dismiss that matter as recommended by Ms. Matthews. Member Watson seconded the motion, which passed by roll call vote of 8-0.

With there being no further business before the State Officers Electoral Board, Member Cadigan moved to recess until January 9, 2020 or until call of the Chair, whichever occurs first. Member Watson seconded the motion which passed by roll call vote of 8-0. The meeting recessed at 11:00 a.m.

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